The Beatitudes: Being Poor in Spirit

When our Lord said, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven," what did He mean? Why would someone whose spirit is poor be blessed? In this message, Harold explains what our Lord has in mind for those who realize they really are spiritually bankrupt.

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The Sermon on the Mount: An Introduction

On a hillside outside of Jerusalem, our Lord delivered His greatest sermon to followers and Pharisees alike. What is the purpose of this sermon? And why did those who heard it exclaim that our Lord spoke with authority? In this introduction to Matthew 5-7, Harold explains our Lord's ultimate desire for His followers. 

Our Lord's Correction & Clarification

Are we saved by faith or works? Were people ever saved by the Law? In this message, Harold examines our Lord's correction and clarification of the error that causes people to think they are saved by their works.

The Beatitudes: Responding to the Gospel

What does it take to enter God's kingdom? Why will the meek inherit the earth? In this message, Harold explains how Jesus' observations about the meek and those who hunger for righteousness is our Lord's way of inviting people into His kingdom.

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The Beatitudes: Responding to Persecution

Our Lord warns us that persecution will impact His followers. How are we to respond? Why does the world persecute Christians? In this message, Harold explains why persecution happens and how we are blessed when we experience persecution.